Lobby Books

Have you ever wondered why those books are in the front hallway of the library?  Kind, generous people have donated them to the Friends of the Fairbanks Library.  They are the main source of income for the Friends of the Library.  So, please, stop and browse the shelves.  There is a great selection.  If you find books, magazines, or videos that you want, donate some money (in the box attached to the top of one of the shelves) and take them home with you.  Your donations pay for library programs and materials.  Also, please keep the Friends in mind when you're cleaning off your shelves at home.  They are always looking for books, CDs, DVDs, etc., that are in good condition so that they can raise money for more library programs and materials.

Pajama and Slippers Storytime

Grab your favorite pajamas and slippers and head on down to the Fairbanks Branch Library for our monthly evening storytime which is scheduled for Monday, August 31 at 7:00 pm.  Bring your favorite teddy bear or plush toy with you and enjoy bedtime stories and a craft as we bid "aloha!" to the end of summer vacation.  Some of the library staff will be wearing their pajamas and slippers (bunny slippers for at least one of the staff) and have their special plush toy with them, so please be sure to visit the circulation desk and say "Hello!"  See you soon!

Of Summer Reading Lists We Sing

It is that time of the summer when many high school students seriously think about reading a book from the Summer Reading List for their grade level.  To assist our high school customers in selecting a book to read, the Fairbanks Branch Library created a display of the books for the 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th grade reading lists.  Also, we have printed copies of the lists for your convenience.  School starts soon, so if you are a high school student in the Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District, visit the library to find the book you want to read and be prepared for your English class.  As always as part of our customer services, if our copies of the book you want to read are already checked out, we will request a copy for you.  So, be prepared.  Read!   

Like the Video Store, But FREE

Want to know how you can watch movies for free  --  LEGALLY?  Harris County Public Libraries have a huge collection of new movies, old movies, new TV shows, old TV shows and educational videos, on DVDs and VHS tapes.  You check them out just like you check out books, except books check out for 2 weeks and videos check out for 1 week.  Also, you have to be at least 18 years old to check out videos.  If you want to see what DVDs have been added to the library system recently, just go to our web page, point at "Movies," and click "New Titles."

Out of This World Reads

Out of This World Reads