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11:00AM - 8:00PM
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10:00AM - 8:00PM
10:00AM - 6:00PM
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10:00AM - 5:00PM
135 Hare Road
Crosby, TX 77532
Branch Manager: Laura Hancock

Holidays and Closures

  • Labor Day
    Friday, August 30, 2024
    Closes early: 5:00pm
  • Labor Day
    Saturday, August 31, 2024 - Monday, September 2, 2024
    Closed All Day
  • Thanksgiving
    Wednesday, November 27, 2024
    Closes early: 5:00pm
  • Thanksgiving
    Thursday, November 28, 2024 - Sunday, December 1, 2024
    Closed All Day
  • Christmas
    Monday, December 23, 2024
    Closes early: 5:00pm
  • Christmas
    Tuesday, December 24, 2024 - Wednesday, December 25, 2024
    Closed All Day

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Adventure is at your Library this Summer! 

About Crosby Edith Fae Cook Cole Branch Library

    • Adult Literacy Services
    • Computer & Technology Classes
    • English Learning (ESL) Classes
    • Proctoring for Distance Learning Exams
    • Tours for Schools & Other Groups



The drive to establish a county library in Crosby began in 1921 with the first collection of 87 books arriving on January 22, 1922. The library grew throughout the years with the help of the community and the Crosby Friends of the Library. The library building as we know it today was dedicated on October 8, 1987, and was more than five times the size of the older building on Church Street with an additional three staff members. The library closed its doors for renovations in 2006. A Young Adult section and a mural by artist Cindy Lee were added. In 2017, the library was renamed to Crosby Edith Fae Cook Cole Branch Library to honor the local historian. The library also celebrated its 30 year anniversary in October 2017.

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