Thinking of Joining a Branch of the Military?

On this Veteran's Day are you thinking about joining the men and women in uniform? If so, make our Learning Express Library one of your first stops. On it you can practice all of the ASVAB tests which you will take from your recruiter.  The link is under Education and Libraries on our subject listing of Databases

New Treasures at San Jacinto Museum of History

Banner from website of the San Jacinto Monument and MuseumA signed photographic portrait of Sam Houston and an original signed letter from General Santa Anna have been added to the collection at the San Jacinto Museum of History. The photograph of Sam Houston was taken approximately between 1858 and 1863, the year of his death; it shows Houston seated. The portrait was discovered by Dr. Jim Harris of Tyler in an antique store in Las Vegas. An article in The Bayshore Sun [Oct. 28, 2009, pg. 4, Sect. A] states: “This type of photograph is rare: a minimal number of portraits of Sam Houston currently exist. The fact that this portrait is signed by Sam Houston himself is extraordinarily rare”.


Mural in entry to libraryNationally renowned local artist Johnnie Nell McRae Liliedahl passed away this last week. We are very fortunate to have a beautiful example of her work in the entry to the library. The wall mural entitled "The Shell Seekers" is the first sight which greets our customers as they enter the library. It is a lovely tribute to La Porte's life by the bay.

Mrs. Liliedahl and her talent will be missed.

Help for Your Job Search on HCPL Website

Job Resources Banner on HCPL websiteAs you have probably noticed, our website has revolving banners in the center of the page. There are about 8 topics included. There is one banner entitled 'Looking for a Job? Checkout our Job Search Resources'. When you click on this banner, you will find many resources to help search for jobs, create a resume, apply for jobs, etc. Our e-branch at HCPL has put together an excellent list of job search resources. You can access it from the comfort of your own home or from the library computers. Please remember the La Porte librarians are here to assist you when you have questions about using the resources at the library.



Music Collection at La Porte LibraryHave you ever wondered which of the music CDs owned by the La Porte branch have been checked out the most? The top 10 CDs with the most checkouts at LAP are:1.  The Very Best of Rod Stewart/Rod Stewart 

2.(Tie) Michael Buble/Michael Buble and Shenanigans/Green Day          

3. All This Time/Sting  

4. (Tie) MTV 2 Handpicked and Elvis 30 #1 Hits/Elvis Presley