Don’t Get Left Outside in the Weather!

As Northwest is a somewhat small branch, we have restricted and varying hours of operation. I suggest studying our hours above and taking one of our business cards home. Also, as the holiday season is nigh upon us, I must remind you that there are some (though not many) days each year when we are closed. On holidays when we are not open I have witnessed patrons amassing outside, staring into the windows and trying in vain to get in.

When Pirates Attack!

Just when I was starting to forget about the Pirate problems the United States encountered in Somalia, I read a news report saying that the same American ship that was attacked by Pirates in April, causing the hostage standoff, was attacked again off the coast of Somalia. Fortunately, the crew was able to repel the pirate attack and escape unharmed this time. Still, I find it strange to realize that Pirates are still stalking the oceans and terrorizing ships.

Who Comes Up with the Records?

If you were not aware that Nov. 12th was International Guinness World Records day, you are not alone! However, there are apparently many people who are aware of the day and plan in advance to break some record on that date. This year at least 26 new records were set in honor of Guinness World Record day, and some very bizarre records they are, too!

Need Hands On Job Assistance - The WorkForce Solution is here!

Come and receive free employment assistance at the library.
All sessions are from 10:00AM - 12:30PM at Northwest Library.
No sign up is required.

November 19th - Evaluate Your Skills & Develop a Plan
December 3rd - Creating References, Cover Letters and Thank You Notes
December 10th - Employment Networking
January 7th - Resumes
January 14th - Rebranding Your Skills

Please call the library for further details.

Seventy Five Item Limit – Wow!

Did you know that you can check out 75 items at one time! I know, it’s amazing! Sure there are a few restrictions, like you can only check out 10 DVDs at a time, but still, what a deal! But beware…this deal comes at a terrible price! Those who accept this pact will be cursed to concurrently keep track of all 75 items and their various due dates. It is a task only the trustworthy and steadfast can accomplish. The cost of failure can be numerous fines and blocks on one’s account! Consider yourself warned and partake if you dare!