Halloween Parade!

There will be ghosts, goblins and witches at Toddler Time Wednesday and Thursday October 27 and October 28, 2010. Please arrive in your costumes for our annual parade and photographs celebrating Halloween this year. We will read books, sing songs and then march around the library so all can view our Toddler Wonders in action.
The merriment begins at 10 am on Wednesday and 11 am on Thursday. Please join us next week and be prepared to have lots of fun.

Scream-In for Teens at Barbara Bush Branch Library

Friday, October 22 from 6:30-9:30 PM, join us for a night of scream-fueled fun! Costume contest, Scream Queen contest, spooky films, crafts, activities and more.

Must have a signed permission form to register. Please see the YA Librarian for details or send an e-mail to ccteen@hcpl.net. Call 281-376-4610 for more information or stop at the 2nd floor Information Desk.

Bags for Sale

Just in time for Fall Festival and Halloween season, attractive and durable bags to carry all your goodies, treasures and books. Choice of colors are dark blue, tan, orange, and black.

1 bag--$3.00

2 bags--$5.00

Available at the first floor Customer Service Desk during regular business hours or contact the Friends at bblf@bblf.org.  Sponsored by the Brabara Bush Library Friends.  Net profit supports the Barbara Bush Branch Library.

Beautiful Monday

Monday is a great day to request a Precinct Four Senior Citizen Bus. We found out why after we had secured a date and started to plan for two museums to visit. After busy weekends the first day of business week is most Museums day of rest. So, it was with much trepidation that I booked a Knowledge Exchange Trip to The Weather Museum, Treebeards Restaurant at the Cloister and The National Buffalo Soldiers Museum in the downtown area. It was a delightful surprise.
We were met by two friendly and not so nerdy Meteorologists for our highly enlightening ninety minute tour. The museum is full of high-tech gadgets that were totally cool. Cindy took us through the birth of a tornado and a hurricane. We enjoyed the mock up studio of a weather broadcaster and learned that the map that we see on our television is really a green screen.

Lunch was scrumptious and then we were off to our second Museum where we watched a video. Following the documentary a “Buffalo Soldier” performed one of the best monologs that I have ever watched describing life as a male slave whom was freed by the Emancipation Declaration only to be enslaved financially by a group of horrible people. He then found himself liberated as a Buffalo Soldier protecting American’s migrating to the West.
If you want a great Monday, make a day of visiting these two museums and have lunch at the Cloister. It’s a nice respite in downtown Houston.

The Lone Potato!


The Garden Club cleaned the summer garden and we found a portion of last year’s bounty, a lone potato. One of our families took that potato home for dinner! We have planted beets, onions, cauliflower, broccoli, and a tomato plant. We have also planted flowers. They are so pretty and Shai put markers on all the plants.

Looking ahead, Sammy dug deep into the earth and placed Tulip bulbs for our enjoyment this spring.  The composter is full and hopefully we can continue to work the dirt in the middle area for the early part of next year.  We meet again October 13, 2010 at 4:30 pm and hopefully the golden potatoes, garlic and onions will arrive from Burpee and should be planted.

I am looking forward to digging with you all.