Important Election Dates to Know

Harris County Clerk's Office is strongly encouraging voters to cast their ballot during Early Voting period beginning Monday, October 8 and ending Friday  October 29.

Other important election dates to know:

   Last Day to Register to Vote-October 4, 2010

   First Day of Early Voting-October 18, 2010

                                 Last Day to Apply for Balloy by Mail (Received, not Postmarked)-October 26, 2010

Baby in a Box!

Alanna in a box.Over the years that we have presented Lapsit, we have purchased hundreds of dollars worth of educational toys for babies. The favorite form of entertainment this week at Lapsit were two empty cardboard boxes. The interaction between the parents and children illustrates that although the toys are colorful and educational, simple things can be made into grand toys. Pots and pans in a low lying cupboard with a wooden spoon can become musical instruments for your baby band.
We also have lovely books about boxes. One of my favorites is Not a Box, by Antoinette Portis.  Next Monday we will still have all the high priced toys but we will also have some boxes!

Seattle, Washington a beautiful City to Visit off season!

Stag, Mt. Rainier, WA

I just returned from Seattle, Washington and have become enchanted with the region. The area is dotted with rolling hills, Farmer’s Markets with beautiful flowers and scrumptious vegetables and grand views of Puget Sound. Mt. Rainier National Park was my favorite destination. We hiked on a well maintained trail to view spectacular gardens and waterfalls. The biggest surprise was the not so wild deer. The female would occasionally look at all the tourists shooting photo’s of her in bashful poses and the regal young male looked on us in a defiant posture exuding “do not get any closer to me or your photo shoot will be over”.
I recommend a week’s trip to the area in the fall or spring. Children will be delighted with the outdoor activities and it was a cool respite from the Houston heat. Before you go, check out Harris County Public Library eBranch and search for Mt Rainier National Park. You will be glad to have discovered eBooks.

Crime, Cake and Coffee Mystery Book Club

This special summer mystery book club concludes on September 16 at 1:00 pm.  The selection for this September meeting is Die, Decorator, Die by Franklin Levy. "A sexy, comic crime mystery that takes on a whirlwind behind-the-scenes voyage of the interior decorating world where the stakes are high, deception reigns and the designs are literally "to die for.""

Please call 281-376-4610 for more information. No registration is required. Reading the book before the club meeting is suggested.

Hey Kids Tremendous Tuesdays Are Back!

Something is happening at the library for school aged children every Tuesday afternoon at 4:30pm in the Robin Bush Room. First Tuesday of the month is the 8 to 12 Club which features a variety of activities. Each month a new and exciting activity or project is featured.  Second Tuesday of the month is Craft Day for children who enjoy creating and making craft or art projects. Third Tuesday of the month is Silly Science featuring a different aspect of science each month. So if you love science you will love Silly Science Tuesdays. Fourth Tuesday is Game Day. Children play board games, have fun and make friends. When a fifth Tuesday occurs in the month Movies Xtra! is the theme so a movie is shown in the Earl Elliott Room. Bring your blankies and pillows and enjoy the show on Movies Xtra! days.
Be sure to pick up a children’s activity flyer at the children’s information desk for details & schedules of all children’s programming.