4 Reasons to Read More Non-Fiction

1.       It Can Be Stranger than Fiction

We don't have to read an eerie story by Edgar Allen Poe or a novel by Mary Shelly and Bram Stoker to read something strange and fascinating.  We've all heard the saying, real life can sometimes be stranger than fiction, and we see that every day when we turn on the news.  Here are some books that prove this theory to be true:


Lily Dale

Going Clear

The Sociopath Next Door

The Third Man Factor

2.       What doesn’t bore you makes you smarter.

When we think of Non-Fiction, we think of the books we had to read in school and would have preferred not to.  It is easy to associate these books with boring lessons on geometry or the table of elements in chemistry that may not apply to us now, but there are so many other books out there that teach and improve our lives without boring us to tears.  Here are some examples:

Quotes That Will Change your Life

The Power of Now

Big Magic

The Secret

The Language of Butterflies 

3.      You can learn from other people’s mistakes & experience.

In life we all make mistakes, and none of us escape this truth.  If we are wise, or maybe lucky we learn from them and move on, but if we are luckier, we learn from other’s experience and wisdom.  Here are some books that give us that opportunity:

Girl, Wash your Face

Don't Sweat the Small Stuff for Men

Get Out of your Head



4.       It can be fun!

Everyone wants to do something fun; to get away and enjoy life.  We want to read something captivating but we rarely think about how captivating a nonfiction book can be.  Here are some books that do just that and more:

The Man Who Mistook His Wife for A Hat and Other Clinical Tales


Yes Please


When Breath Becomes Air