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Reading can transport you to a different world, wrap you in a blanket of comfort, or even chill you enough to look over your shoulder--maybe a combination of all three can be found in the well-worn pages of your favorite book. Some questions may turn over in your mind when you finally get to a shocking turning point in a story: How did they plan such a surprise? How are they able to describe something so impossible? Why does this tug at my heart so much? 

It can seem baffling how some authors can keep crafting hit books time after time keeping readers eagerly returning for the next volume but writers often do so with more labor and time than you may expect. Sometimes, what ends up on the shelf of your local library may be the fifth or even twentieth draft before finally being published.

In the latest episode of HCPL's Using our Library Voices podcast, we interviewed three talented writers about their writing process and how you can plan out your own story.

We’ve posted the full interviews below to give listeners a little more insight into what makes these authors' pens click. 

J. Elle

J. Elle is a New York Times Best Selling Author for her young adult series Wings of Ebony. Growing up in Houston has shaped the world of Wings of Ebony, connecting readers of our city and beyond to the struggles of Rue, a teen pushed into a hidden world of magic during a breaking point of her life. The next heart-pounding entry in Rue's story, Ashes of Gold, comes out on January 11th, 2022.  

Whit McClendon

Whit McClendon is a Houston native who has published the Grim Faerie ChroniclesFire of Jidaan trilogy, Forge Born duology, and a series of workout books, from beginning experience and beyond. Whit uses his martial arts expertise to inform the action that takes place in his magical page-turning adventures. 

Isabel Yap

Isabel Yap is a Filipina author and poet, whose horror and speculative fiction collection, Never Have I Ever: Stories, was released February 23, 2021. Isabel uses her knowledge of Filipino folklore to shape the twisting and heart-wrenching stories found in this collection. Isabel also serves as a board member for the Clarion Foundation, a workshop led by and for writers interested in speculative fiction. 

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This blog was written by HCPL Staff and first appeared December 2021.