Disappearing Holds in Overdrive

Have you received an email that your hold is available, but it doesn’t seem to be in your account when you log in?

The Problem

Library card numbers and mobile numbers are not interchangeable in Overdrive. Holds placed with a library card number will not appear if you sign in with your mobile number (or vice versa).  The “sign in using mobile number” button can only be used if your Overdrive account was created with a mobile number.

When you sign in with your mobile number, it creates a new Overdrive Instant Digital Card (IDC) account.  If you also have an account through your HCPL library card number, you now have two Overdrive accounts, potentially with holds and/or checkouts associated with both.

The Solution

When notified that your hold is available, sign in with the same number you used to place the hold (your library card number or your mobile number). Try logging in both ways if you’re unsure which account was used to place the hold.

The Other Problem

Please also be aware that there are two ways to create an Instant Digital Card (IDC).  One way is through the website as described above. The other way is through the Libby app.  IDCs created through the Libby app have the country code (+1 for the U.S.) automatically added to the mobile number, while those created on the website do not. If you log in with your mobile number on the website instead of the Libby app it will create another Overdrive account (your mobile number without the country code). These accounts are not interchangeable and are treated as separate accounts.

The Other Solution

When an email is received notifying you that your hold is available, but it doesn’t appear when you sign in with your mobile number through the link in the email, try going to the Libby app and see if it appears on your holds shelf within the app. This Disappearing Holds handout is something you can keep for reference. 

Still Confused?

We’ve shared our frustration over this issue and are hopeful that a solution can be found in the future. In the meantime, if you’re still scratching your head in confusion, know that you are not alone and please reach out to your local branch staff or contact us via Ask Us!