Large Print Books for Children


Large print children's chapter books are not just for students with vision disabilities. Based on a study by Project Tomorrow® through Thorndike Press, large print books provide literary benefits for all students by lowering stress and increasing comprehension. 

The study found that having more white space between words and sentences lowers reading stress by giving the eyes a “break” from so many letters and words at once. This also increases literacy confidence since the brain can decode text easier. The larger text in general increases students’ focus and minimizes distraction which enhances comprehension. Thus, large print books increase reading enjoyment and the frequency with which students’ read for pleasure.largeprintstats  

▶️ Try it for yourself! Read some large print regardless of your age, ability, etc. Offer large print books to the kids in your life and see if they have a better reading experience.

▶️ Check out our collection of kids’ large print materials.

▶️ Let us know if reading larger print works well for you or your kids! Drop a comment!

⭐ ebook Tip: Try increasing the type size on digital devices when reading ebooks. When reading ebooks on Libby, also try changing the font to OpenDyslexic, Vernada, and Tahoma. Download the Libby app here!

Source: Based on a report from a 2018–2019 nationwide study to determine the efficacy of large print books on student reading skills and mindsets conducted independently by Project Tomorrow® at the request of Thorndike Press, from Gale, a Cengage Company