Lives and Loves in the Boundaries of Kedesh: A City of Refuge.

I recently completed the City of Refuge series by Connilyn Cossette.  This Biblical fiction series take place during the Old Testament book of Joshua and the beginning of the book of Judges. The Israel nation conquered the land of Canaan in the book of Joshua, but they sometimes fell prey to enemy nations. The setting of these books is in one of the six Cities of Refuge called Kedesh.  The purpose of these cities of refuge provided protection for a person who committed a certain type of murder.

What do you know about these Biblical cities of refuge? Take this quiz to test your knowledge. You can find the answers at the end of this article. 

A. What type of murder did these people have to commit to be entitled to these cities' protection.

  1. Premeditated murder
  2. Accidental Killing
  3. Crimes of Passion

B. Why did these people need protection?

  1. The Victims' family would try to avenge the death.
  2. They would be permanently deported form their nation.
  3. They may receive a cruel and unusual punishment.

C. In which chapter of the Old Testament book of Joshua provides information regarding these cities of refuge?

  1. Joshua 24
  2. Joshua 20
  3. Joshua 15

D. Which of the 12 Biblical tribes served as the high priests in these cities?

  1. Judah
  2. Benjamin
  3. Levi

E. What was the strict rule of living in a city of refuge?

  1. You could never leave the city of refuge until the high priest died.
  2. You had to inform the high priest if you planned to leave the city of refuge.
  3. You had to live in the city of refuge for at least ten years.

Read this four-part series about the characters who fled to Kedesh, felt trapped in Kedesh, abandoned the safety of Kedesh and fought to regain their home in Kedesh.

The Light on the Hill is the first book in this series.  Moriyah possessed a disfiguring scare from being tortured in the city of Jericho. Moriyah was a recluse in her father's house and her only friend was a young boy names Eitan. Moriyah's father later betrothed her to a widower with two sons. This situation turns catastrophic when Moriyah and Eitan are involved in a tragic situation. They are forced to flee to Kedesh due to a murder accusation.

The Shelter of the Most High is the second book in the series. Eitan and his adopted family successfully settle in Kedesh. Eitan feels trapped in Kedesh's boundaries. He falls in love with Sofea whom his father found injured by pirate marauders. Eitan fears that Sofea will also become dissatisfied in these boundaries if she marries him. Is he correct or will Sofea mere be content to be his wife.

Until the Mountains fall is the third book in the series. Malakhi Moriyah's son has always been in love with Rivkah who was briefly married to his brother. Malakhi's brother dies and Rivkah is required to marry Malakhi. The Biblical levirate law required that the widow had to marry her dead husband's brother. Rivkah resents this law and treats Malakhi cruelly. She runs away from the Kedesh's boundaries and pays a huge price for her supposed freedom. Will Rivkah learn a lesson from this costly mistake, and will Malakhi forgive her?

The fourth book in this series Like Flames in the Night focuses on Tirzah, Moriyah's youngest daughter who is determined to join her father and brothers in rescuing Israel from the ruthless Arameans who oppressed Israel and drove her family out of Kedesh. Tirzah becomes a spy for her nations and has a mission in Kedesh which the Arameans now control. Liyam an embittered soldier is appointed by Tirzah's family to protect her. Will Liyam be able to help Tirzah regain her home in Kedesh?

A Light on the Hill

Shelter of the Most High

Until the Mountains Fall

Like Flames in the Night

Answers to Quiz

A. 2

B. 1

C. 2

D. 3

C. 1