Why I believe that readers of all genres will enjoy the inspirational author Francine Rivers

Inspirational fiction is one of my favorite genres, and I first learned about the inspirational fiction author Francine Rivers when I read one of our library trade publications. I happened to encounter the book titled Redeeming Love. I was immediately interested in this book because I enjoy retellings of Bible stories, and was excited to learn that HCPL carries this book. This story was an excellent retelling of the biblical characters Hoshea and Gomer and covered situations that people experience today.  I continued to read more books by Francine Rivers and have never been disappointed.  Francine Rivers not only writes Bible story retellings, but her books also take place in contemporary times. Two examples of her contemporary books are Leota’s Garden and The Scarlet Thread.  Readers of Inspirational fiction and all other genres will enjoy Francine Rivers Biblical retelling books and contemporary books for these five reasons.

  • Francine River’s books are not about flawless people. Francine’s characters have sometimes made decisions that they have regretted, but have grown in character through their mistakes.
  • Francine Rivers’ characters experience much tragic and emotional damage in their life, but they always receive unexpected friends and support.
  • Francine River’s unlikable and malignant characters are treated in a realistic manner. These characters usually regret their behavior and change for the better, but occasionally these characters occasionally show no remorse for their nefarious deeds or behavior by the end of the story.
  • Francine River’s stories give hope to family relationships that seem permanently fractured because the willingness to forgive eventually heals the relationships.
  • Francine Rivers’ books do not necessarily have the perfect happy ending but always have a hopeful ending.

If you have not previously read Francine Rivers’ books, read these three books that contain all of the characteristics that I listed.

 Angel was sold into prostitution at an extremely young age during the 1850s Gold Rush.  Angel’s nightmarish life of abuse deeply damaged her. The kind farmer Michael Hoshea marries Angel, but Angel’s spiritual healing is not immediate.  Will Michael’s love and forgiving nature break through Angel’s barriers?  Learn what happens in this biblical retelling of Hoshea and Gomer in Redeeming Love.

84-year-old Leota is isolated from her daughter Eleanor due to resentments that she had against her during their childhood. The garden that was once her refuge during troubling times in her life was now decayed. History repeated itself when Eleanor drove her daughter Anne away due to her unrealistic demands.  Anne decides to reconnect with her grandmother in order to better understand her mother’s bitterness.  Will this cycle of bitterness end once Anne and her grandmother form a relationship? Read Leota’s Garden to see what takes place among the three women.

Alejandro and Sierra Madrid live in a small California town and have two children.  Sierra is satisfied with their quiet life, but Alejandro is restless.  Alejandro desired the finer things in life since he carried the scars of being raised in a poor family.  Alejandro is offered a prestigious job in Los Angeles and Sierra fears that this change could negatively impact their family life.  Sierra and Alejandro move to Los Angles and Sierra’s fears seem to come true.  Alejandro becomes consumed with living a more sophisticated lifestyle and Sierra longs for their past simple life.  Their marriage gradually disintegrates as a result of their conflicting needs and desires.  Can this marriage be salvaged?  Read the Scarlet Thread to see if this marriage can be saved.

Redeeming Love

Leota's Garden

The Scarlet Thread