Women Who Rock

March is Women's History Month, a time to remember all the amazing women who have helped shape our world with their intellect, raw talent, and courage. Equally notable are those women who have contributed their talents to the world of music. In what has traditionally been and remains a male-dominated industry, female artists have struggled to obtain the recognition they deserve for their significant contributions to the world of popular music.

We are often captivated by the stories of artists with immense talent who leave the world before their time, leaving behind a legacy of amazing music and unanswered questions. Their untimely departures serve as a reminder that everyone has pain in their lives, even those who appear to be on top of the world. Their experiences can teach us to treat ourselves and each other with more kindness and understanding, to be aware that things are not always as they seem.

Many female artists, like Janis Joplin and Amy Winehouse, struggled with substance abuse. Other artists, like Cass Elliot and Karen Carpenter, grappled with eating disorders. Still others, like the supremely talented Selena and Patsy Cline, left too soon through no fault of their own. Their stories are our stories. They were women just like us, of all backgrounds and colors, whose talents lit up the world for a brief moment in time.

Because they left the world too soon, their amazing talents leave a deep impression in our minds. We ask ourselves what they might have created had they lived longer. We wonder about the music that might have been. But their stories remain, inviting us to explore their journey and remember--life is short, we all have our struggles, but in the midst of pain we are still capable of creating the most wondrous works of art. We honor them by listening to their stories and in doing so, behold the beauty and mystery of life and death.

The blog was originally published by HCPL blogger, Bronwyn S. in March 2021

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