Go Green @ your library

Harkamal and the Giant SquashAt Northwest, we are going green. Our new staff member John, our Circulation Assistant, has raised all of our consciousness and implemented a recycling program for the staff. He has taught us the importance of small steps towards a greener library. Harkamal, our Shelving Assistant, is a master gardener and a great chef. She and her family grow vegetables in thier backyards. She once told me that the squash were big and getting ready, but I couldn't image this big. So, go green!

Where Are All the New DVDs?

This is a question I get all the time. There is no special section for them, and from what I understand finding them on the shelf is difficult to impossible. So where are all the new DVDs? Simply put, they have been requested long before they ever reached the shelf. So if you have a great blockbuster movie in mind, I suggest requesting it through our online catalogue before your waiting queue number is 412!

59 Years of Peanuts!

October 2nd, 1950 was an important day in American history. On this date, Charles Schulz published his first Peanuts comic strip. As most people are familiar, the comic strip continued to run until the death of Charles Schulz in February 2000. 

Movies @ Your Library

Did you missed the new release at the theaters and are waiting for the DVD? Why not come and screen those films in full projection in true surround sound at the library? On Mondays at 4:00pm, we have a Teen Scene Film Night. On Wednesdays at 4:00pm, we host a Family Fun Film. All ages are welcome and the movie screenings are always free and open to the public! Call the library for details on the titles. Just remember you always have access to DVDs via our online catalog and movie feature on our website.

Sticky Books!

I have had the dubious honor of processing torn books, scratched DVDs, and marked up materials, but nothing quite compares to the unnerving sensation of handling an inexplicably sticky book.