10 Great Sites in the Database for Students

When it comes to learning, knowing where to get the information you need makes all the difference! With so many students working from home over the last school year, having helpful sites to get information and learn is an added help all students could use.

The Harris County Library website has more than just books for academics.  They have lots of databases that provide great information for students of all grades.  Here are 10 sites that fit the bill for student learning.




Gale in Context: Elementary

On this site you will find research resources chosen for elementary school students. That is where it all starts, right? This site has a vast array of helpful tools for papers, projects, and presentations.  

Gale in Context: Middle School 

This site connects students with quality information needed for assignments including article, videos, encyclopedia entries, and more.

Gale in Context: High School

Like the other school resource sites, this one makes it easier to explore class topics and find the sources needed for assignments and projects.

MAS Complete

Research resources especially chosen for high school students.


This site is geared towards teen students and has many topics from biography to arts and literature and current events

Funk & Wagnalls New Encyclopedia

Online encyclopedia for students and adults covering many subject areas. 

Middle Search Plus

Research resources chosen for middle school and junior high students. 


This site has many resources that bring books to life and support the reading experience for all school age students.

Word Factbook

This site provides fascinating information like geography, history, economy, world religions, and more. I think this one could appeal to us adults too!

Read the Books

Gain access to area school reading lists and focused searches for kid’s book in the HCPL catalog.