5 Picture Book Biographies for Women’s History Month


Celebrate Women’s History Month with picture books that highlight women's contributions to history and society. The five picture books below feature women whose accomplishments focus on arts, sports, and business. While their stories are new to children’s literature, the life of these heroines is retold in a way that will captivate both adults and children alike.

1. Nina: a Story of Nina Simone

The story of Eunice Kathleen Waymon, known to many by her stage name Nina Simone, is told amongst pages filled with beautiful illustrations. Find out how Nina’s successful career as an artist helped her fight for Civil Rights.


2. Jump at the Sun: the True Life Tale of Unstoppable Storycatcher Zora Neale Hurston

Described as a “storycatcher” Zora Neale Hurston dedicated part of her career to collecting African-American folklore. Zora traveled across the South collecting stories, a dangerous endeavor during the time of Jim Crow laws. Illustrations are as bright as the Florida sun and the writing packs a lot of charm, accurately representing the life and work of Zora. 

Jump at the Sun

3. Sarah and the Big Wave

Sarah Gerhardt is the first woman to surf Mavericks, a cold dangerous reef on the northern coast of California. Along with honoring Sarah’s accomplishment, this book also helps the reader reflect on the intensity and wrath of the ocean’s waves. 

Sarah and the Big Wave

4. Sister Corita's Words and Shapes

Sister Corita was Frances Elizabeth Kent before going to sisters’ college. She was a nun, teacher, and a print maker. Her artwork reached the world but the archbishop of Los Angeles did not approve of her ideas. This disapproval hurt Sister Corita causing her to choose a new life, her actions are further explained in the last half of the book. 

Sister Corita's Words and Shapes

5. Try It! How Frieda Caplan Changed the Way We Eat

As the first woman to own and operate a wholesale produce business, Frieda Caplan revolutionized the produce section across U.S. supermarkets. Thanks to Frieda, products like kiwifruit, artichoke, and mushrooms are no longer that unusual and are easily found in many stores. 

Try It!

This blog was written by Elizabeth M. and first appeared in March 2022.