Get Writing at the Library!

Here’s a crazy thought for you: every single book that you see in the library was written by someone. Whether it’s literary fiction bestsellers like Sally Rooney’s Normal People or Office 365 for Dummies, someone somewhere decided to sit down one day and write it out. As a reader, a librarian, and a writer's group lead, this is always on my mind, and one reason why is because I get to encounter people trying to do this very same thing every day

What is a writer’s group? 

No two writer’s groups look the same, but for the most part, they are what they say on the tin: a group of writers. Some writer's groups are feedback-based, with everyone bringing in their own work and getting critique on it from the other members. Some are fully writing-based, with the sessions being taken up with quiet writing time. The writer’s group I lead here at the LSC-Tomball Community Library, the Scribe Tribe, opens a new window, is a little bit of both. People can share their work and provide each other with feedback if they want to, and we also do a little bit of writing, but we also have a lot of great discussion on writing topics like genre, revision, and holding yourself to big goals (like writing a whole book).  

Why would I want to join a writer’s group? 

My biggest reason for joining a writer’s group is that writing can often be a very lonely hobby. It’s something that we usually do by ourselves, and while it can be very hard work, we often don’t have much to show for it until we’re done. Joining a group of other writers can help you feel a little less like a crazy person for spending all your free time holed up with a cup of tea and a notebook. More than that, though, having other people who know and care about your writing can make the actual writing process easier. Think of it like joining a fitness class rather than trying to jog by yourself. Other people going through the same thing can hold you accountable, give your encouragement, and share tips for making the slog easier. 

Where can I join a writer’s group? 

Because HCPL is committed to literacy in all of its forms, there are a number of writing groups across the library system. There are groups based out of the Baldwin Boettcher branch as well as the Evelyn Meador branch, in addition to the HCPL Writes, opens a new window program that takes place on the HCPL Facebook page. Scribe Tribe meets once a week virtually with a combined in-person/virtual meeting the last Wednesday of each month. Writing from the comfort of your own home and talking to people online is classic writer behavior, but it can be nice to see each other in the flesh too. We also have a Teen Writing Club for any youngsters you know who are planning to write the next Great American Novel. 

Writing is hard, and there’s no way around that, but collaborating with other writers can make it a little more bearable. To find an HCPL writing group in your area, check out our event calendar here! 

This blog was written by Elizabeth B. and first appeared February 2022.