Green, Not Red, Is the Color of Love: Resources to Help You Live Greener All Year Round.

They say love makes the world go round, so with all the gift giving and love floating around in the month of valentines, what could be better than showing some love to the world we live in?

There are many ways to be kind to the Earth and show some love to this place we all call home.   Like so many things in life, the first step is educating yourself so that you can make changes and then help others to do the same.  Making good changes together is a giant step in showing love in a big way!  You see taking care of the earth is like a love letter to our children’s children, for what we do now does have an impact on the future. So, there is no better time than now to start demonstrating care and true regard for the Earth.

Below are some books on different subjects that do just that, from recycling, water conservation, and living green, to planting a tree!

Check them out and read, learn & enjoy!

The Smart Guide to Green Living

The Everything Green Living Book

All You Need Is Less

Generation Green

Green Metropolis 

Restore. Recycle. Repurpose. {create A Beautiful Home}

Recycle and Play 

Can I Recycle This? 

101 Ways to Go Zero Waste

Trash Origami

The Politics of Water Scarcity

A Thirsty Land

The Reindeer Chronicles

Zero Waste


The Regenerative Garden

Square Foot Gardening

The Homeowner's Complete Tree & Shrub Handbook

100 Plants to Feed the Birds

Guardians of the Trees