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Harry Styles newest album Harry’s House is available on Freegal, opens a new window. Listen commercial free with your HCPL card!

Thanks to my younger sisters, I’ve been aware of Harry Styles since his One Direction days and a fan since his first solo album. On May 20, 2022, Harry Styles released his third solo album – Harry’s House. The first single from the album, “As It Was”, was released on March 31 and it took over radio, streaming services, social media, and even TikTok. I’ve seen so many edits and remixes of the single. How does one song fit so well with everything?

So, it did not surprise me one bit that Harry’s House is breaking records. Currently all 13 songs on the album are top streaming songs on multiple streaming services, the vinyl album is setting a new sales record, and it’s setting a record to how many times I can listen to an album on repeat at the office before my coworkers unplug my speakers.   

Harry Styles has been promoting this album full steam! From appearances on the Today Show’s Citi Summer Concert Series, opens a new window, to the livestream on Apple Music of his "One Night Only in New York" concert, to even a cover for Better Homes & Gardens magazine (Check out the June 2022 issue on Flipster). I doubt Harry needed these promotions to get fans to listen(buy) his album, but I’m not complaining, I'm enjoying all the content. Perhaps the most unexpected and most heartwarming of the album’s promotional content was Harry Styles appearance on CBeebies – a British channel for children’s television programming. In the video below, watch as Harry, in his polka dot pajamas, gets comfy and reads In Every House, on Every Street by Jess Hitchman, opens a new window.  

For someone like me, that works in youth literacy, this video made me so happy and inspired! Inspired to pitch this idea for a blog to promote not only HCPL's FREE music streaming service Freegal but also a picture book recommendation based on Harry's House.

Check out the picture books below that you can share with the little ones in your house. Happy Reading and treat people with kindness!

In Every House, on Every Street

A House

This Is Our House

Grandma's Tiny House

If I Built A House

There's A Mouse in My House

Bird House

Time for Bed, Old House

Pete the Cat's Groovy Guide to Kindness

The Kindness Book

Learn why reading, opens a new window to children is so important!

This blog first appeared May 2022.