Mesu Andrews Reimaginings of Intriguing Minor Characters from the Book of Genesis

In the Egyptian Chronicles series, inspirational Author Mesu Andrews features one major character and three minor characters from Old Testament Book of Genesis. The major character is Joseph, and the minor characters are Potiphar, Potiphar’s wife, and Asenath, Joseph’s wife. These three minor characters have affected Joseph’s life in a major way, but the Bible offers very few facts about them.  

I have always been extremely curious about these minor characters, and Andrews cleverly invents life histories for them. I was mesmerized by the first book in this series Potiphar’s Wife because the author

  • begins this book by telling Potiphar’s story and that of the woman he eventually marries as well as retelling the events that lead to their marriage.
  • takes us behind the scenes of the troubled marriage.
  • provides absorbing details of the relationship between Joseph, Potiphar, and his wife.
  • invents an interesting character named Ahira who is Joseph’s love interest and friend of Potiphar’s wife.

I thoroughly enjoyed the second book in this series In Feast and Famine because the author:

  • introduces us to Asenath whom Joseph eventually marries. She also gives us a background of Asenath’s family life before she married Joseph including the complicated relationship between Asenath and her father.
  • explains the reason that Joseph was forced to marry Asenath instead of Ahira.
  • chronicles the stormy beginnings of Joseph and Asenath’s marriage, and how their marriage grows into a mature relationship.
  • continues Potiphar’s story in this book, and I guarantee that the reader will be surprised at some unfolding revelations of his past and family relationships.

Test your knowledge of the Old Testament with this quiz.

The answers appear at the end of the article.

1. What was Potiphar’s position in Egypt?

A. He was the captain of the King’s Guard.

B. He was the King’s cupbearer

C. He was a general in the Egyptian King’s army.

2. What was Joseph’s position in Potiphar’s house?

A. Joseph assisted with Potiphar’s personal grooming.

B. Joseph was the overseer of Potiphar’s household

C. Joseph was Potiphar’s cook

3.  What infraction did Potiphar’s wife claim that Joseph committed?

A. Theft

B. Misconduct toward her

C. Attempted Murder

4. What was Potiphar’s wife’s name?

A. The Bible does not state her name.

B. Amunet

C. Bahiti

5. How did Potiphar react to this accusation?

A. Dismissed Joseph from his position.

B. He did not believe his wife.

C. Imprisoned Joseph

6. Who was Asenath’s Father?

A. Potiphar

B. Potiphera Egyptian High Priest

C. Pharaoh, Ruler of Egypt.

7. What were the names of Joseph and Asenath’s two sons?

A. Ephraim and Manasseh

B. Reuben and Simeon

C. Judah and Joseph

Potiphar's Wife

In Feast or Famine

Answers to the Quiz

  1. A
  2. B
  3. B
  4. A
  5. C
  6. B
  7. A

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