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Are you excited for the release of season three of The Mandalorian? Are you celebrating with a watch party? If so, C-3P0 would remind you that protocol requires snacks for a watch party.  If you need ideas of which snacks to serve, worry not padawan, HCPL bloggers Laura and Anjela got you covered.  

We went into our respective kitchens and tested a few recipes from Star Wars Galactic Baking. We’ll share which recipes we tried, what we found challenging, and how they turned out! 

Laura: Maybe I ate too many bagel bites as a kid, but I decided my first attempt was going to be the Podrace Puffs (pg. 36).  As I was spooning the mix into the muffin tin it was really sticky and I could tell I wasn’t going to have enough to fill the whole pan. That was when I realized I had poured the milk into the measuring cup but forgot to add it to the mix! I decided to let the past die and try them again a few days later. My second attempt was much better - not quite bagel bite standards, but maybe better than Rey’s portions on Jakku.

Anjela: Join the Dark Side, they have cookies. Seriously, they do! I knew immediately that I wanted to bake cookies that could lure others to the dark side, so the first recipe I tested was the Sith Cookies (pg. 35). These cookies are coated in dark chocolate (because of course) and when baked reveal a red velvet interior. The cracking look of these cookies reminded me of the internal cracking of Kylo Ren and the physical cracking of Anakin Skywalker at the end of Revenge of the Sith. These cookies were not my favorite and just like a Sith Lord, they are cool looking, but like Obi Wan Kenobi said, “Don’t try it.”

Laura: Loth-Cats are adorable, but not always as sweet as their Kibble (pg. 82) apparently is – I could only eat this one in small doses, but it was pretty tasty! Next time I might reduce the amount of powdered sugar and leave out the added peanut butter chips at the end. If you’ve ever wondered what the cantina version of a bowl of peanuts on the bar is – check out the Mos Eisley Cantina Munchies (pg. 32). I liked this one, but I think the recommended cook time was a little too long because mine came out a little burnt like a Sith’s soul. I also wasn’t willing to pay $12 for beef jerky sticks, so I’m calling mine “vegetarian”. This will probably be the one I make for our watch party!

Anjela: Admit it. You’ve tried the Jedi Mind Trick before. You even did the hand wave motion. Even if past attempts were a failure, use your Jedi powers with the Mind Trick Cookies recipe (pg. 55). These frosted coated cookies will fool Stormtroopers into believing it’s chocolate, when it’s actually made from pulverized coconut. The key to this recipe is the clear chocolate extract, but I didn’t have that on hand and substituted it with clear vanilla extract. So, my Jedi mind trick was convincing others to try them after they tasted the hated Sith Cookies. I found these a little too sweet for me but were a big hit with family and friends. *Waves hand* You don't need to see my baking credentials. 

Laura: You might have a hard time keeping ice cream frozen on Tatooine, so it’s too bad they don’t have Banthas on Hoth. Unlike Anjela, I only attempted one cookie recipe, but I think the Bantha Blue Butter Sandwich Cookies (pg. 14) are awesome. I was slightly nervous about attempting this one because of potential mess with melting ice cream as I attempted to coat the edges in sprinkles. I couldn't find fancy blue ones at the grocery store, so rainbow sprinkles for the win.  They weren’t perfect, but they were probably my favorite of the recipes I tried, and I’m sure that just like any Jedi, I’ll get better with practice!  


Anakin may hate sand, but I bet he and my fellow pecan fans, would love the Tatooine Sandies (pg. 19). These cookies are the perfect crumbly cookie created from the combination of butter and chopped pecans. I did put extra pecans in my dough, because Texas. The Star Wars twist to these sandies is that they are dipped in white and dark chocolate, so like Anakin, you can struggle choosing between the light and dark sides of the Force. Since these were my favorite cookies from the book and because Obi Wan Kenobi series will take place on Tatooine, I will be baking a batch for our watch party.

Laura: I’ll try your Tatooine Sandies – I'm sure the addition of chocolate will make me like them. And now we need to consult The Unofficial Star Wars–Inspired Book of Cocktails to figure out our beverages! 

Anjela: Yes, we’ll need to make some Blue Milk! Here’s an easy recipe, opens a new window from we can try. And if you’re like me and need a soundtrack while you bake, listen to HCPL’s May the 4th playlist on Freegal, opens a new window. May the Force be with you! 

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