These are the Books You’re Looking For

books on a table in front of a very full book shelf

Every reader has had the experience. You browse the bookshelves until you pick up a book with an intriguing cover, and a title that you've never heard before. You turn it over, read the back, and give it a chance. It becomes one of your absolute favorite books. These days, that experience is harder to come by. Readers have more time to stay in and read, but fewer opportunities to go out and leisurely browse for books. 

Harris County Public Library's staff brings the magic of book browsing to you, with Book Bundles. A Book Bundle is what it sounds like, a bundle of books. But, it is so much more! Do you remember the book club order forms from your days in elementary and middle school? How about the surprise book packs that you could order without seeing the titles first? Knowing that you would receive a special unknown book, always made you anticipate it more, and made it feel more magical once it finally arrived. 

Book Bundles bring together the serendipity of book browsing and the anticipation of surprise books, without all the waiting. You can call your branch, or submit the online form, to order your own custom bundle of books featuring your choice of subject, genre, or author. But that's not all. The online form features a rotating menu of suggested themes, themes like Sleepy-Time Snuggles, Adventure is Out There, and Read Your Mood. 

Individual branches have even created their own custom themes, that you can call to request. After the success of Blind Date with a Book Bundle, the La Porte Branch Library is celebrating Star Wars day with themed bundles of Star Wars books for kids, teens, and adults. Just call the branch to pick your theme and reserve your bundle. Whichever theme you choose, these ARE the books that you are looking for. 

This blog was written by Kayla K. and first appeared in May 2021.