Tournament of Books Championship Game 2024

Library Agents, Book Brigades, and Probably Not Your Average Readers compete for the coveted title of Tournament of Books Champions.

The 2024 Tournament of Books Championship Game was held at the Kingwood Branch Library, opens a new window on Saturday, March 23. This HCPL staple literacy event for teens featured a fierce competition between three teams, discussion on young adult literature, themed attire, and of course some dead-panning from Bob.

Tournament of Books is best described as a competitive book club for teens in grades 9 –12 developed to encourage a love of reading. In teams of four or five, teens work together to divide and conquer the 12 books reading list. The reading list is selected by HCPL Literacy staff and features the latest selections in Young Adult literature that feature diversity in characters and themes, relevant and relatable subject matter, originality, and strong and memorable plotlines. The carefully selected books promote literacy and allow teens the opportunity to find their own lives reflected in the books and give them a window into the experiences of others.

Since December 2023, students have been meeting with their HCPL librarians for monthly book parties. Book parties include fun and thought-provoking games, reviews, and discussions that prepare students for the Championship Game. These book parties are training sessions for our determined competitors/readers.

This year’s Championship Game saw the return of rivals Atascocita Branch Library, opens a new window’s Library Agents and Kingwood Branch Library’s Probably Not Your Average Reader. Their rivalry can be likened to that of Houston vs Dallas or Slytherin vs Gryffindor. Thrown into the competition this year was the Book Brigade, to remind the other teams that it's anyone's game! 

On the day of the Championship Game, families and friends of the competing teams came out to offer their support. Teams wore themed outfits and costumes, so our meeting room featured spy operatives with the debonair Bob giving 007 vibes, a brigade with matching camouflage, and your not-average readers with paper hats and dragon bookmarks. After a Book Trivia round demonstrating their book knowledge and an Open-Ended Response round that challenged the teens to express how the books affected them. Team Probably Not Your Average Reader managed to hold onto their title as Tournament of Books Champions, with Library Agents placing second and Book Brigade placing third. All teams were rewarded with prizes, Kindle Fires for first place won Kindle Fires, and second and third place received gift cards. All teens also went home with a prize book of their choice for their home library. Librarians, educators, and caregivers were rewarded with experiencing the immense enthusiasm the teens had for reading!

Thank you to the students, their teachers and school librarians, the HCPL Team Coordinators, HCPL judges, and especially to our Friends of the Harris County Public Library. Tournament of Books 2023-2024 was sponsored by Friends of the Harris County Public Library and the HEB Tournament of Champions grant. Click here to learn how to become a friend of the library., opens a new window

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Tournament of Books 2024

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