Wall Street Journal Online

Wall Street Journal Online Access

Attention all Library cardholders. Can’t get to a print copy of the Wall Street Journal or is individual web access out of reach?  We’ve got you covered with Harris County Public Library’s full access to the award-winning WSJ.com.  Search for up to 4 years of world news, industry-specific news, Business, Finance, Economy, Markets, Careers, Technology, Politics, and much more. All available as another educational resource provided through your County Library.

Some of the fun

When you are short on time, click the “Latest Headlines” link, and you will be presented with up-to-the-minute news from all the main tabs. As a little bonus for your commute time, to the left of the headline tab, see a link to all WSJ Podcasts. Harder to find is a very special feature called “Guides” located under Tools & Features at the bottom of the homepage. That is where you will find “How-To” links for dozens of special topics such as “How to Write a Cover Letter,” “How to Build Your Professional Skills,” What Questions to Ask in an Interview,” and “How to Improve Your Time Management Skills.” This is a fun area to explore – there are many more options to choose and learn from.

The feature I liked most, though, was the simple search where I plugged in the name of my favorite billionaire, Warren Buffet. At that point, I could read an article, save it as a PDF, or even press the play button and have it read to me! Loved it. I did a search for Elon Musk as well and found many interesting videos and articles that I got wrapped up in. Go, Gen-X!

Get up and running

Ready to get started? Pull out your library card and link to the resource here or start at our homepage Harris County Public Library (bibliocms.com); From there, click “Online Resources,” “A-Z Resources," click the "W" and you will find an alphabetical listing. Click the "Wall Street Journal" link.

Create your free account with your library card number. The account will be active for 3 days of full access.  After the pass expires, start again at the Library’s website and log back in with the same account details for another 3 days' worth of access – again and again.

Once you have set up your login information, you will receive a welcome email. With the links in that, you can sign up for any of 60 newsletters/alerts (which will go to your email). You can even create custom stock-market watch lists.

This WSJ site will keep you busy and well-informed! The only problem is that you have to decide where to spend your time.