Display your collection

origamiDo you have something you would like to display and share with the community? The library is always looking for new and exciting items to exhibit. We’ve displayed various collections such as 3D origami, decorated ostrich eggs, money, and wood carvings. If there is something you’d like to display, speak to a Librarian.

Young Adult Area Expands

Come in and check out our expanded Young Adult area. We have added shelving in our teen area to make room for more books, to make our graphic novels easier to browse, and to provide display space. You can now find the Young Adult Graphic Novels on their own shelves leading into the Teen Zone.

Protect Your Back

There will be a “Protect Your Back” workshop on Saturday, October 10th from 10:30 AM to 12 PM. backLearn about common back pain problems, exercises to strengthen the back to prevent future complications, and who should be treating your back. Register at our online events calendar or at the reference desk.

Design Your Own Backpack

This Thursday, Sept. 17, is your chance to decorate your very own knapsack-style backpack. We'll provide the backpacks and bling for this children's project. You provide the creativity. Tickets are required for the 4 p.m. project. The free tickets will be available beginning at 10 a.m. Wednesday.