Digital Media Catalog Demo

 Did you buy an e-reader recently?  If you have a Nook or a Sony Reader, for  example, you can download e-books from the Harris County Public Library's Digital Media Catalog. (sorry but the Kindle won't be compatible until later this year).  Did you receive an iPad or an iPhone recently?  You can also learn how to download e-books from the Digital Media Catalog to devices like these at the Demo on Friday, July 8@ 11:00 am.  Please call 281-376-4610 to register.  Registration is required.

Joe Collard - Local Artist Exhibit

The BarbOld Town Springara Bush Branch Library is honored to display oil paintings by local artist, Joe Collard.

Mr. Collard has been painting in oils for more than 60 years. He has a Bachelors of Arts from Missouri Valley College where his classes included oil painting and art history.

An international business career provided Joe with opportunities to travel and visit museum and historic paintings throughout Europe, Asia and South America. Since his retirement, Joe has painted with Tracy Viser at The Woodlands Academy of Art, and with Marty Hatcher at the Artists’ Retreat and Learning Center.


 In these tough economic times, support from our community is more important than ever. Thanks to these individuals and organizations for their recent donations:

      Individual donor -- $2000 for children’s books

      Wal-Mart -- $1500 for literacy programming

      North Harris AAUW -- $1250 to buy children’s concept books

      Junior Guild -- $750 for adult books

      National Charity League, Cypress Creek -- $306

      Memorial NW Ladybugs Gardeners --  An orchid plant & book


Those Who Save Us Title to be discussed: Those Who Save Us, by Jenna Blum. Date of meeting: Thursday, June 23, 1:30pm in the Earl Elliott Room. Repeated Friday, June 24, 2:30pm in the Women's Council of Realtors Conference Room. Summary:  Driven by the guilt of her Nazi heritage, Trudy, now a professor of German history, begins investigating the past and finally unearths the dramatic and heartbreaking truth of her mother's life. Next month's selection: Still Alice.

Quilt Exhibit in Glass Showcase

                            Kai Houston-Guy, a native Californian, was bitten by the quilting bug almost 15 years ago.  She took up quilting in an effort to quit  smoking and it became an all consuming passion.  Since then she has left traditional quilts behind and taken up the art quilt.

Her current work emphasizes color and form.  She alters commercial fabric that she paints, stamps, or dyes and then cuts into smaller units.  The units are then reassembled into quilts that reflect the current season in her life---a precarious balance on the edge of an almost empty nest, middle age and abstract representations of nature and human form.