Celebrate African American History Month at HCPL!

Join HCPL to celebrate African American History Month. This year’s theme is African Americans and the Arts. The theme focuses on the contributions and impact African Americans have had on the arts. We are celebrating and honoring the rich culture of African Americans in literature, visual and performing arts, music, film, fashion, culinary arts, and more with FREE performances, events, crafts, and activities.  

Join us at these upcoming events. 

Tommy Terrific, opens a new window

Join Tommy Terrific for a magic show about the Jazz Pioneer and Celebrated Musician, Louis Armstrong. Perfect event for children and families. Click here to find a performance. , opens a new window

Bright Star Theatre: Meet Dr. King, opens a new window

Meet Dr. King is a wonderful introduction to the life and work of one of America’s most influential men. This show is perfect for younger audiences, serving to introduce students to major concepts of Black History like freedom, integration, and equality. Click here to find a performance., opens a new window

Bright Star Theatre: Black History's Groundbreaking Geniuses, opens a new window

Genius comes in all shapes and sizes and Black History is filled with amazing inventors, artists, and thinkers who changed the world. Children and families will learn about the brilliance of over a dozen amazing characters from Black History: Scientists like surgeon Daniel Hale Williams, mathematicians like Dorothy Vaughan, Literary Geniuses like Ralph Ellison and Maya Angelou, and artistic geniuses like Alvin Ailey. Click here to find a performance. 

Dance Afrikana: Historic Black Women of Texas , opens a new window

Journey through Texas history through the lens of Black Women who've made history. From Betty Simmons to Bessie Coleman, the audience will learn stories of women from enslavement to emancipation and beyond who defied the odds as trailblazers in education, politics, aviation, and more. This interactive monologue incorporates song and audience participation. Click here to find a performance., opens a new window 

History & Songs of the Mardi Gras Indians, opens a new window

This interactive musical performance introduces participants to the history of the Mardi Gras Indian tribes of New Orleans. Musician Joseph Dixon engages participants in sing-alongs and chants of traditional call-and-response patterns and phrases that are still significant in contemporary music. Click here to find a performance. , opens a new window

A Morning with Houston's Ensemble Theater, opens a new window

To Celebrate Black Voices in the Arts, the historic Ensemble Theater will present a medley of performances. Q & A to follow! Click here to find out more. , opens a new window

A Taste of African Heritage, opens a new window

HCPL has partnered with Oldways , opens a new windowto present classes on how to eat healthy by following a traditional African diet! This program will feature two dishes rich in vegetables, spices, and tubers: Kenyan Vegetable Mashed Potatoes and Blackened Okra. Library staff will give a presentation on the dishes and prepare them for everyone to share! Click here to learn more., opens a new window 

Did you know? 

We celebrate African American History Month in February because both Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass were born in the second week of February. Traditionally, celebrations for Lincoln and Douglass were held in African American communities in honor of emancipation. 

Celebrate by reading! 

Below are books selected by HCPL staff to celebrate black authors and illustrators. 

For Kids


I Color Myself Different

An American Story

New in Town

Garvey's Choice

For Teens

Love Radio

House of Marionne

Thieves' Gambit

Salt the Water

Victory. Stand!

For Adults

How the Word Is Passed

You'll Never Believe What Happened to Lacey

Razorblade Tears

Wash Day Diaries

The Neighbor Favor