Find the Job with HCPL

Helping You Find a Job  

The library isn’t just a place to check out books or attend book clubs or children’s programs. The library is a place where you can find just about anything, either through our impressive catalog, our wonderful librarians or our vast partners. So, what does this mean for those of you struggling with your job search? It means, come to the library where you’re sure to find the help and support you need.  

Library Programs 

Our staff doesn’t just offer book clubs, movie nights, or ESL classes. We provide you with information and resources to help you find a job. From resume writing to tips on how to interview, your local HCPL branch has what you need.  

Here is a list of just a few of the staff led programs you can attend either via registration or just stop by!  

We even have programs for younger audiences!  

Don’t see anything in your area? Call your local branch and ask what they have to offer in the future. Many locations have the resources but do not offer the programs due to low community interest. In that case, we’re always happy to help you 1-1 or find you the help you with our community partners.  

For future dates visit our website, look at our events calendar, and select business & careers to narrow your search.  

Please note, we also offer computer classes, which are an excellent way to improve your digital literacy skills and open even more doors for you in the job market. Look at those programs here.

Bulletin Boards

Your library’s bulletin boards are an excellent way to not only stay up to date on library programs but on community resources available to you.  

Galena Park Branch Library has two bulletin boards in their main lobby.


This wouldn’t be a library posts without referencing our BOOKS. We’ve got digital and physical copies available to assist you in this search for employment. Need help creating a resume? We’ve got that. Need interview tips? We've got that too. Information on Microsoft word, excel, and other computer systems? You’ve guessed it, we’ve got that too! 

Take a look at our catalog. I narrowed it down using the keyword “job search.” 

Keep in mind you can edit the keyword on our website to find any books you need. 

Online Resources 

Our website also has various online resources for you to use. These programs offer training on an array of subjects, like Job & Career assistance.

LinkedIn Learning 

Per our website, LinkedIn Learning is a database with Online courses taught by expert instructors with real-world experience. Over 6,000 online courses to help you gain new in-demand skills and advance your career.” This website is available to you for FREE with your library card!  

Don’t have a card? Learn how to sign up here:  

Visit LinkedIn Learning here.

Want to learn more about LinkedIn Learning? Visit Julio’s blog.


GRADcafé is a Free service offered by the Tejano Center for Community Concerns. While their name implies graduate services, such as finding scholarships, aiding with financial aid, and college applications, GRADcafé is the perfect place to stop by for help with resume writing. They also offer 1-1 mock interviews. This is a perfect way to tone your skills and prepare you for a real-life interview in the job market. GRADcafé staff are available at some of our HCPL locations.  

For more information on GRADcafé visit their website.