More Than Just Decoration: Library Displays for National Library Lovers Month

February is National Library Lovers Month, a month to appreciate all the great programs, books, and initiatives offered to the community by libraries. While I could write a blog about the countless great things we do here at HCPL, I wanted to focus on one thing I really love about libraries, the displays. Curated based on monthly observances, or featuring favorite reads, or great puns, and sometimes trending topics, here are some that I and my friends have loved.  

Jacinto City’s Branch Manager, Delaney shared a display curated by her staff:  

“Ann and Erika put it together for Black History Month. I love it because it showcases photos and info on notable figures throughout. Additionally, our patrons have really loved it because they continue to check books out from the display, and we continue to replenish it with more books. Ann and Erika did a great job!”  

Jacinto City’s former Circulation Specialist, Gina, now at Freeman Branch, shared a few of the displays she curated during her time at Jacinto City:  

“I liked my Rosh Hashanah bulletin board display. Not everyone knows about Jewish holidays, and I like being able to show an appreciation to other cultures, especially when it is an important holiday.”  

On that note, I wanted to show a little love to Gina’s Cinco de Mayo display. She knows I love me a good pun and some tacos! I appreciated that it was three dimensional as well.         

South Houston’s Adult Program Specialist, Ashley spoke with me about two of her branch’s displays: 

“Creating a bulletin board dedicated to celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month is a meaningful way to express love and appreciation for the culture, histories, and contribution of Hispanic communities.” (Not pictured). Ashley's display featured books about tacos: How to Fold A Taco Taco USA Stef Soto, Taco Queen

I was very excited to talk about this second one, curated by Ashley’s manager, Clara.

This is Mexico’s rising star, Peso Pluma, and a pretty great way to promote one of the many initiatives offered at HCPL. When I asked Ashley for her thoughts she shared, “it catches people's attention. The first thing they see when they walk in is the big card and his face and they proceed to ask what the card is about. So, in a sense it’s advertisement for the Enhanced Library Card.”  

See here, for more information on the Enhanced Library Card. 

And if you don’t know who Peso Pluma is, HOW DARE YOU. Kidding, visit Fregal to hear some of his music here.   

Galena Park’s Circulation Specialist, Sarai shared two of her favorites:  

“I loved Silvia's Holidate display because it was very festive with the lights and mistletoe. I also thought the pun was great!” 

While I may have come up with the display idea, I want to give a huge shout-out to Sarai, because your girl can NOT use a Cricut machine to save her life. There’d be no pun without Sarai’s help!

Sarai's second display was initially a New Year's resolution to self-love and carried on to February for the month of love. She said, “I really enjoyed working on my Shelf Love display because I found some cool books for adults, and the kids' books were so wholesome. The Tú Importas book made me want to cry.”  Tú importas

Galena Park’s Adult Program Specialist, Janell shared a display she’s very proud of:  

“On the mobile shelf, I made an ofrenda for Dia de los Muertos by decorating it with marigolds made from tissue paper, adding some calaveras, and putting up some books and a movie about the celebration. I had a fun time making the display on such a beautiful tradition.”  

Barbara Bush’s Adult Program Specialist, Geri shared a few of her branch’s recent displays:  

She had this to say about her Valentines for You and Your Bae display, “I love making cooking and/or baking displays because I feel like cooking/baking brings friends and loved ones together. This display allows me to share fun and easy dessert recipes with patrons and hopefully in turn they can make and share the recipes from my display with their loved ones during library lover's month.” 

Geri spoke about displays curated by her coworkers Rachel and Davonna,  

“This is our film display. This is perhaps our most popular display regardless of the theme. I like this display because it reflects our patrons' interest in watching films across a variety of subjects and interests. This month we featured Award Winners.” (Not pictured). Films featured are, A Streetcar Named Desire Bohemian Rhapsody Bonnie and Clyde Guess Who's Coming to Dinner

This year we have two Black History Month displays. I like that Davonna's highlights Black excellence across a myriad of fields. My favorite part is that it includes various African American inventors, actors, and entrepreneurs.”  Books featured are, How Dare the Sun Rise Ice Looking for Lorraine Life Beyond Measure 

My display at Galena Park Branch Library:

Sarai and I usually work together on displays. In September 2023 we celebrated Library Card Sign Up Month by making our own Enhanced Library Cards for literary characters, and a few pop icons, as well as GP's resident ghost, John Dice. We include a couple of memes taken from HCPL's Instagram!

My all time favorite, featured at Freeman Branch Library

I came up with the idea for this blog thanks to Freeman Branch’s celebration of Pedro Pascal, curated by Crystal. When I asked her what inspired it, she said, “The Pedro craze was at its peak when I decided to put it up. I kept seeing love for him everywhere and then I heard he was an avid book lover! On his list of recommendations were Watership Down by Richard Adams and One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, both of which are lofty (and in a lot of ways deep) reads. I researched his top recommendations and put a display together! I did my best to match some of his red carpet looks to his picks, but I just ended up making a ton of different bookmarks out of them, which were more than well-received. Ultimately, the thing I loved most was finding out his support for libraries and banned books.”  

While this blog could go on for ages, considering all the fun displays I’ve witnessed or curated over the years, I’ll stop here. Just do me a favor, next time you visit your local library take a moment to appreciate the displays staff put together, and share them with me, okay?  

Happy Library Loves Month, from one library lover to another. <3  

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