Love Letters to the Library

With February being Library Lovers Month, and today being Valentine’s Day, I think a celebration is in order. Specifically, I want to celebrate the love of libraries and the impact that they have, on both communities and individuals. Keep reading to see why our patrons and staff love their local library!

“During the COVID-19 shutdown, I coordinated the virtual Book Buddies program for Harris County Branch Library. Book Buddies @ Home paired Big Buddies (HCPL staff) with Little Buddies for one-on-one shared reading to help children develop a love for reading. In a time when we were all isolated, it was so rewarding to get to spend time reading and discussing books with my Little Buddy. It reaffirmed why I love working for the library and working with children. Though the virtual program has ended, we are back to offering Book Buddies in person (Find out more here).  When our libraries opened again, I did get to meet my Little Buddy and her family in person at the Administration office. Before we said our goodbyes, her younger sister passed me this note, which I still have displayed in my cubicle. Great things happen when you share the love of reading!”


-Anjela M. from the Administrative OfficesPatron note that reads: "Dear Ms. Anjela, I want you to be my Book Buddy."

“During COVID our community members often felt isolated. Our Library immediately took action by providing online programs, Facebook content, etc. We had several parents let us know that they never would have made it through the worst part of COVID without the constant Facebook programming. Their children were able to see the same people who had been offering programs in the Library. That comforted them and gave parents opportunities for education, bonding, and fun with their kids. They also said that they were so grateful for the kits that we put together and for the online educational materials that we provided. They were completely unprepared for homeschooling and appreciated every bit of assistance that we offered. Most fun were the live storytimes and the much needed brain breaks, short music and rhymes related programs. We also found very early on that people were desperate for interaction. We committed to calling everyone who left a message back in person by the next business day. We also set up a rotation of librarians who would e-mail our patrons very quickly so that they knew that someone was “here” and cared. In more than one instance I was told that I was the only person who had called them back in weeks. They appreciated just hearing a voice.” 

-Lisa Y. from the Stewart C. Meyer Public Library

“I love the library and appreciate everything y’all do.”

-Anonymous Patron, Submitted by Aleah H. from the Katherine Tyra Branch Library @ Bear Creek

“My formative experience was working with Angel Hill as a summer intern at the Katy Library when I was in college. My college major was in elementary education. I loved being the summer intern so much, I did it two summers in a row! I got to help with story times, summer reading programs, and make displays. I realized I loved working at the library, and I decided to get my MLS. And here we are. I also did my practicum at the Katy Library. I loved that, at the library, I could do all the helpful work of being a teacher of sorts, but to all ages." 

 -Elizabeth B. from the Katy Branch Library


Instagram direct message that reads: "I'd like to send a special shout out to Ms. LeeAnn and Ms. Heidi, since we started going on almost a weekly basis for almost a year now-Anonymous Patron, Submitted by LeeAnn J. from the Aldine Branch Library

“This may be a familiar story: you grew up checking out stacks of books from the library as a kid, and then all of a sudden you got older! Even if you’re an avid reader, you might not think twice about the library anymore. It wasn’t until I finished school that I returned to the library. I grew to realize libraries aren’t just a place to read and learn, they’re one of the few public spaces people can gather without a price tag attached. A place here I can participate in and give back to the community! I love the library because it’s a place where people can be human beings. There’s something very special about that, and I can only hope to help keep that spark alive.”

-Isabella T. from the Katherine Tyra Branch Library @ Bear Creek

“I like books and people who supply books.”

-Anonymous Patron, Submitted by Aleah H. from the Katherine Tyra Branch Library @ Bear Creek

“As we know, February is National Library Lovers Month and when I was working as a Children's Librarian in North Idaho, I was trying to think of fun passive programs pertaining to National Library Lovers Month for the kids and families to do when they came into the Children's Library. I decided to do something very simple and at the time, I didn't think it would take off much because I wasn't sure if people coming into the library would take that time out of their days. I designed and put up a sign in the Children's Area by one of the display windows that included instructions on the passive program. I also set out pink sticky notes and pens/pencils. The instructions were to write down what they loved most about the library and then to stick it onto the display window so that everyone coming into the library could see. What ended up happening is that nearly 100 children and their parents wrote and posted sweet things they loved about the library. Many of them said they loved all the books and programs. Others said they loved all the library workers and librarians. Some of the participants even said they thought the library was beautiful and when they came in, they felt safe and at home. I was astounded by the program's success and it was such a lovely and timely reminder of the impact that libraries make on the lives of those they serve.”

-Delaney D. from the Parker Williams Branch Library

Note that reads: "To the awesome librarians at my favorite library, thank you all for helping me this year, your assistance is so valuable to me!"

-Anonymous Patron, Submitted by Mary M. from the Spring Branch Library

“I think my favorite thing about working at the library is when children come in and they are so excited about getting some books.  Some of them like to show me what they have picked out and some of them want suggestions of books.  I love to help them find books that fit them and their personalities. The parents are also so appreciative to have someone that can help their child.  I guess it is those relationships that you build with the patrons that make the job so fulfilling.” 

-Heather H. from the Stewart C. Meyer Public Library

As for me, my love stems from my mom. I remember her bringing me with her to Friends of the Library meetings when I was little, or ferrying me between my hometown’s three libraries as I desperately searched for the book I needed right at that moment. (One day, I think I’ll frame all the library cards that I’ve collected over the years, I bet it’ll be a lot.) Once I got older, I started volunteering for NJHS and NHS at the library, shelving books and helping with Summer Reading programs. It wasn’t until my last year of undergrad, however, that I finally figured out that I wanted to pursue librarianship professionally. I went on to receive my MLS, and started working at Bear Creek this past September. I can’t imagine a more perfect job for myself than being a part of the library, promoting literacy and acting as a community resource.

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