Not Your Average Valentine’s Day Blog

Look. I know we all have our opinions about that holiday. You know the one. There’s lots of pink, red, flowers, stuffed animals, chocolate, and if you’re the begrudging type, everything you do not want to see.

So, this is not going to be a blog about cheap things you can do, romance novels to read, or even how to celebrate alone. No. Instead, it’s going to be a blog about all the ways you can feel better because whatever you’re going to be spending your day doing, it’s NOT going to be one of these scenarios that real-life people told me they experienced in real life.

Bad Boyfriends

“I had the worst boyfriend in existence one time, and he gave me a t-shirt with a heart printed on it (size XL and I wore a small) and a panty rose from the gas station. He didn't forget. He just didn't want to make a special trip anywhere to get anything, and that's what they had at the gas station.”

Being a Teacher

“Just in general, being a teacher and having the kids receive cards, flowers, balloons in the office is concerning each year at best. I've seen kindergarteners receive 2-3 dozen roses at schools. It’s very confusing and then you have to help load them into cars and onto buses at the end of the day.”

The Yikes

“I did have someone ask (upon seeing my engagement ring) if my brother was my fiancé. “I’m just asking what everyone is thinking.””

I had countless people tell me they had siblings of the opposite gender confused as their partners on Valentine's Day, so as a word of warning, be prepared if you go out for a meal with anyone you’re not romantically involved with because apparently, it’s dangerous out there!

So How Do I Feel Better?

Alright, maybe those scenarios did not make you feel better. Maybe you still feel bad because even if you’re not dealing with that, the holiday just still bums you out. Well, here is another way to feel better: on this day in 1779, Captain James Cook attempted to abduct Hawaiian chief Kalaniʻōpuʻu, and the Native peoples successfully fought the British explorer and his crew. So maybe think of today as inspiring and powerful! Or just watch the Drunk History segment on the event.

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