Heroines of the New Testament

I am excited that I have located an inspirational author with whom I believe that I have something in common.  I have always been curious about various New Testament biblical characters who occupy only a few chapters or less in the first four New Testament books. The names of these characters are sometimes not mentioned in the Bible and many other aspects of their lives are not revealed. Diana Wallis Taylor has written four inspirational fiction books about the biblical heroines Pilate’s Wife, Mary Magdalene, The Woman at the Well, and Martha.  Ms. Taylor has crafted enjoyable stories about each of these women and also has remained faithful to the biblical facts.  These are the details that the Bible reveals about these women’s lives, and the titles of Ms. Taylor’s books that tell stories of these women’s lives.

Pilate’s wife had a disturbing dream about Christ before his crucifixion which she shared with her husband who had a role in Christ’s execution. The Bible does not mention any encounters that Pilate’s wife had with Christ.  Ms. Taylor names Pilate’s wife Claudia and tells a story of Claudia’s childhood and her eventual marriage to Pilate.  What circumstances led Claudia to marry Pilate, and what kind of a husband was Pilate? Did Claudia ever meet Christ in this book?  Read Ms. Taylor’s book Claudia: Wife of Pontius Pilate to satisfy your curiosity about how she portrayed the characters and events.

Claudia, Wife of Pontius Pilate

Mary Magdalene was a follower of Christ, and he cleansed her of seven demons.  She was one of the women who served Christ during his ministry and was present at his crucifixion and resurrection.  The Bible does not reveal any other details of Mary Magdalene’s life.  Ms. Taylor composes a story about a traumatic experience that Mary Magdalene had during her childhood. This nightmarish incident negatively impacted Mary Magdalene’s later childhood and adult life.  Her husband almost deserted her, and she faced the disappointment of not having children.   How did Mary Magdalene’s life change after she encountered Christ.? Read Ms. Taylor’s book Mary Magdalene: A Novel to learn how Mary Magdalene’s tragic life transformed into a blessed life.

Mary Magdalene

The Woman at the Well was a Samaritan woman that polite society shunned. As this woman stated, the Jewish people had no dealings with the Samaritan people. Christ sat by the well which she approached to draw water.  Christ asked her for a drink, and she was surprised that he would even acknowledge her.  Christ told this woman during their subsequent conversation that she had five husbands and that the one whom she was with was not her husband.  She instantly changed during this conversation from a seemingly embittered woman to a joyous woman.  The Bible reveals no details of her five husbands or any of her prior life.  Ms. Taylor names the woman Marah in her book Journey to the Well: A Novel.  Ms. Taylor writes a sad story about Marah’s childhood and her eventual five husbands. Learn how this book had a happy ending for Marah when she finally encountered Christ at the well.

Journey to the Well

The Bible narrates Martha’s story in the New Testament book of Luke.  Martha and her sister Mary frequently provided lodging for Christ in their home while he traveled with his disciples.  Martha become frustrated with her sister Mary because she felt like she was encumbered with the dinner preparations.  She complained to Christ that Mary was not helping her. She also witnessed Christ resurrecting her brother Lazarus from the dead. Martha loved her siblings and loved Christ.  The Bible does not reveal anything about Martha’s parents or if she   married and had children. Ms. Taylor creates a story about Martha, her relationship with Christ and her two siblings Mary and Lazarus.  Ms. Taylor also includes in this story Martha’s love disappointment, grieving love loss and her seemingly strained relationship with a male friend of the family.  In what direction is this relationship heading?    Read Martha: A Novel to learn what Ms. Taylor has in store for Martha.


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