Lords of the Underworld: The Darkest Series

Have you ever gotten the feeling of finishing a really, REALLY, good book and you are distressed that it has ended? Have you ever wished for another good series that follows multiple storylines that end satisfactorily? Look no further because Lords of the Underworld is here!

While I have recommended this particular author before in our “Hidden Gems” blog, I felt that this series needed a blog all on its’ own for the number of things that I could write about it. Think of it as an adult Harry Potter series with just as much turmoil and adventure with added salaciousness, mature ratings, and less magic. The Lords of the Underworld is a new take on angels, demons, and the old Grecian world.

I imagine, as most adult women do, that I can escape to these fantasy worlds while reading and pretend that I am part of the story; living through a timeline in which I am not dealing with work and children but instead being rescued by a handsome stranger or going on a perilous adventure. However, even as I couldn’t put ANY of these books down, I do not envy the lives of any of the characters in these stories (happy ending or not). The trials and tribulations that were thrust upon this lot would make Lucifer cringe; if he wasn’t already a part of the storyline helping things along.

To start with, each “Lord” has his own cross to bear, a burden of extreme magnitude. They are described as warriors who once defended the old Greek Gods like Zeus, but became offended when Pandora, another warrior, was picked for the special assignment of guarding a box of all the world's terrors. They ultimately opened the box to prove they were stronger than Pandora but failed to gather any of the demons after the box was supposedly destroyed. Once the terrors were out, the gods cursed each of the warriors with one of the demons that was let out; doomed to wander the earth for an eternity while the demons such as Wrath, Distrust, Misery, Plague, Hope, and others, seek to consume their humanity.

The Darkest Night

The Darkest Kiss

The Darkest Whisper

Demons Violence, Death, and Doubt should have a hard time being cowed and domesticated (they sure WANTED to put up a fight) but they are easily won over by their “women” who come into their lives and coincidently help improve their temperaments and their control over their demons. I am not a fan of how each one was “felled” so quickly but the author sure makes a good show of these women being THE ONLY THING that will make these guys happy. This mix of Sci-Fi and Romance is nothing to scoff at though. The tension that Gena Showalter creates in every book will have you hooked and begging for more (much like the characters themselves).

As I first stated, I love a good series that can have multiple protagonists that continue their storylines into the next book and have them fulfilled satisfactorily. This set does just that with one main plot for the entire series that each set of protagonists gets to participate in furthering. With 20 books and counting, this series is said to be far from done. Gena Showalter has stated that the series will continue now that the original lords have all been paired off and I couldn’t be happier. I am legitimately serious when I say that I never want it to end. Some books can be overdone or the authors can talk about a subject to death but, even though some couples seem similar, the author makes each situation unique and interesting in its’ own way.

All in all, this series has saved me from being bored on many occasions. This sultry, exciting, and ruthless set has ceased to entertain me as I find I often have the need for a break from the daily grind. Watching the suffering of these people makes my days that much brighter as I am, at the very least, not fighting to drag myself straight out of hell on any given day. If you’re a fan of Katee Robert and her Neon Gods/Electric Idol books, you’ll surely enjoy this fun-filled adventure! If you end up reading this series and want something similar try out The Black Dagger Brotherhood series by J.R Ward or the Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter series by Laurell K Hamilton.

Neon Gods

Electric Idol

Lords of the Underworld showcases a new type of genre, including all sorts of fairy tale creatures and myths. As the lords and their companions fight the “Hunters” (a group of fanatics that believe the lords are the cause of all the world's miseries) for their peace, the race is on to find “Pandora’s box” and finally destroy it before the Hunters get their hands on it and seal their demons away; effectively killing the lords as they are spiritually and physically connected to their demons after centuries together. You do have to read the series in order for you to follow the storyline closely but you’ll just love meeting all the different types of characters that this journey brings and you’ll celebrate with the characters over small victories. This series will have you hooked from book one!

Have you already read the series? Which book or "demon" was your favorite? Personally, I really enjoyed Death's storyline. What other series do you enjoy that are similar to this one? Comment below with your thoughts and suggestions!