THOSE books were written by THOSE celebrities?!?! Part 2

Still surprised at the celebrity books on our FIRST LIST? Keep scrolling to see more Children’s books and their surprising authors!

Julianne Moore is best known for her performance on the big screen but did you know that she is also an author? Julianne has had some success with her series Freckleface Strawberry starting in 2007. Spanning six books and evolving into a Broadway musical, Freckleface Strawberry follows a young red-headed girl on small adventures as she lives her life. Rated a solid 4 stars on any given platform, it’s definitely a good read to check out.

Freckleface Strawberry

Comedian Michael Ian Black joined the children’s story-telling game in 2012 with his tale I’m Bored. He teamed up with illustrator Debbi Ridpath Ohi, who he later teamed up with again for his next bestseller NAKED!, for this funny tongue-in-cheek story that encouraged imagination, creativity, and play when children are feeling bored. This junior picture book is rated 4 stars along with his hilarious story about a young boy who refuses to wear clothing.

I'm Bored  Naked!

Elbow grease, written by John Cena in 2018, was a New York Time’s Best Seller! Although most people know him for his time in the WWE, or World Wrestling Entertainment, or his newer roles in big picture films such as the second Suicide Squad, John has made a name for himself in the picture book industry. His series tackles such topics as inequality, believing in yourself, perseverance, toxic masculinity, and the fact that it’s ok to fail at things. Personally, this is one of the biggest come-ups I’ve witnessed. He went from serious macho man to beloved celebrity and author. Way to go!

Elbow Grease

Everyone’s favorite Disney princess Kristen Bell, who voices Anna in the Disney movie Frozen, has a great love of kids. She is a quirky, talented, intelligent woman who has appealed to the masses again and again with her ability to adapt. And adapt she has since becoming an author. The World Needs More Purple People was a New York Times Best Seller when it was published in 2020. Although it was surrounded by controversy by adults picking apart the intended message, it is still a book that kids will inherently understand (or at the very least a book that parents can insert a lesson into). Having read it to my own kids, and being of Hispanic/African descent, they fully enjoyed the book, the brightly colored pages, and the message that I chose to clarify in my own lessons with life. It’s definitely a must read!

The World Needs More Purple People

In a stunningly beautiful tribute letter to his daughters, Of Thee I Sing was born of Barack Obamas’ love for his country and family. Described by the publisher as a “tribute to thirteen groundbreaking Americans and the ideals that have shaped our nation”, it’s no wonder that this book captured a generations heart. It reminds us that we all have the strength to do good and to keep our history in mind as we move forward. A solid 4 stars on any given platform, it’s worth picking up and sitting down with.

Of Thee I Sing

The year 2013 saw actor/comedian Jim Carrey morph from beloved actor to cherished author. How Roland Rolls may not have a good star review or at least a consistent one, but it has much of the zany actor in its’ words and story. It is still a very much beloved book that tells of a wave and his fear of his life being over once he reaches land. It is a very thought-provoking book that probably was more suited to a young adult crowd as opposed to children but it still makes for an amazing read. Spoiler: Roland reaches the shore just to discover that he is, in fact, the whole ocean and not just a single wave.

How Roland Rolls

In 2020, Gabrielle Union and hubby (Dwyane Wade) were eagerly cultivating time with their first child and were at peak happiness. What better way to share that happiness with others than to write a book about it? Welcome To The Party was written in 2020 to commemorate the occasion and quickly became a fan favorite; Even becoming a staple on the shelves of other celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Jimmy Fallon. The title says it all and the story could not be clearer but it is still a new look at the happiness of a new family that is happy to have an addition to the family that has grown with them over time. She quickly followed that story up with another book that was also a best seller: Shady Baby. Only time will tell if she chooses to add more follow-ups for this family that is already in the spotlight.

Welcome to the Party Shady Baby

This last book series is actually junior fiction (Not a junior picture book) but one that your kids, and you, will enjoy nonetheless! Twintuition was created by twins Tia and Tamera Mowry, beloved actresses from Sister, Sister. Four books fill this series with magic and fun. The stories follow Cassie and Caitlyn, twins who can see events before they occur. Tia and Tamera often plug-in elements from their own lives and use San Antonio as the characters' hometown. What could be more Texan??? This series is highly sought after and has become a much-loved staple series to the library. MUST READ!

Double Vision

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