Making Friends: DIY Maker Spaces & Innovation Labs for Everyone

This week's Summer Reading challenge is all about making new friends! One great way to meet new people is by visiting your local library's Maker Space or Innovation Lab. These facilities are part of the library and are free for the public to use. They offer classes on how to use various equipment to create your own projects. Some of the equipment they offer includes 3D printers, laser cutters, Cricuts, sewing machines, heat presses, VR headsets, solders, power tools, and so much more!  

To access this equipment, patrons must sign up for an orientation class and create a Beanstack account. After completing orientation and earning their badge, they can schedule more maker appointments through Beanstack to work on their projects. 

LSC-Tomball Community Library’s Innovation Lab Specialist, Alexis Hurtado, loves connecting with the community through engaging maker programs and cutting-edge technologies. “It's incredibly rewarding to inspire both creativity and lifelong learning for patrons of all ages, guiding them in the creative process and helping them acquire STEM skills and bring their ideas to life! One of the most fulfilling experiences is witnessing a multi-generational family come together to achieve a shared goal, like successfully completing a 3D print designed by the child in their group. Our maker locations are vibrant spaces that cultivate a love for lifelong learning and provide equitable access to exciting technologies, fostering creativity, imagination, and wonder.” 

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