Teen Makers and Crafters at HCPL

We take "Making" pretty seriously at the library. We also understand that creativity has many outlets so teens interested in creating and crafting will have lots of opportunities to develop and learn new making skills at the library. 

Between sewing, crocheting, jewelry making and all the other traditional ways of making, we've added a new component to crafting for teens! Many new programs at our branch libraries will combine Arts and Crafts with a smidge of technology to help teens and young adults take their creativity to a new level. These programs involve the popular Cricut (pronounced "Cricket") cutter device, which is able to cut designs out from many different materials, such as paper, fabric, or even vinyl. 

Future fashion designers, entrepreneurs or just thoughtful gift givers can all try their hand at advancing their Arts and Crafts skills with the Cricut. The Cricut is an excellent tool for Teens to create items, they'd be proud to wear and could also help package their other Arts & Craft projects.  The new programs will introduce the Cricut design software needed to create their customized items and get teens familiar with the machine and all it's capabilities.

We have both traditional and new more techie creative ways for you to get creative: Find an event here

Curious to see what you can make? Check out the #HCPLmadeit hashtag on Instagram to see projects, programs and other maker items from patrons!