Barbie Fans or Stevie Nicks Fans? Why not both?!

Mattel’s Barbie has been going strong since her debut in 1959, and Stevie Nicks has been doing the same since starting her rock career with Fleetwood Mac in 1975. Poetically speaking, the two have a big thing in common for having nothing in common at all. Barbie has a doll for every girl and dream; representing so many careers and walks of life.  Stevie has a focused magical pagan vibe and though not every generation knows who she is and her menagerie of songs, her popularity and fans are alive and well!   In their contrasting individuality, they both have stood the test of time. 

Growing up in the ‘60s and ‘70s, I had Barbie dolls galore and of course, as a teenager, I was entranced by the talent and voice of Stevie Nicks! Who didn’t get the album Rumours back in 1977?  So, they both in their own ways, have left a lasting mark on me.  

Recently, Mattel, the manufacturer of Barbie, unveiled the Stevie Nicks doll. Nicks is the latest icon to have her likeness celebrated in doll form.  It is part of their famous musician series.  Tina Turner, Gloria Estefan, and David Bowie are some of the other celebrated singers that Mattel has turned into collectible dolls.  

The latest doll is adorned in Nicks’ captivating black dress inspired by the legendary Rumours album cover holding a tiny, ribboned tambourine. Mattel designed her with the help of Nicks in honor of her 75th birthday.  The doll will be released on November 10th.  What I find both intriguing and inspiring is that Barbie and Stevie have faced their struggles in the limelight and have recovered to stand strong to this day. 

Even in her beginnings, the Barbie doll was controversial and was criticized for having too much of an unattainable figure. Since then, Mattel has modified what was complained to be unrealistic body proportions and in 2016 they came out with three additional sizes: petite, tall, and curvy. Despite the controversy, many women who grew up with Barbie dolls have acknowledged Barbie for giving them another role model that was not representative of a restrictive 1950s gender role but was instead an example of financial self-sufficiency.   

Stevie has also known her share of controversy in the public eye. Her breakup and feud with Lindsey Buckingham which fueled much of the Rumours album has had a long-running aftermath. It wasn’t until there was a lawsuit between them that was settled in 2018 that things finally concluded. Then there is the illicit drug use that escalated to a major addiction that almost took her life. On a lighter note, from early on in her career there have been rumors that she is a witch. Her flowing dresses, black shawls, and song lyrics speaking of a cat in the dark from "Rhiannon" which she frequently announced at concerts as her song about a witch added to these notions. In interviews, she has been adamant that the claims are false, and the comments have not stopped her from sticking to the pagan mystical style that is all her own.  

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