More Spooky Stories to Read or Watch!

It’s the most spooky time of the year! I don't know about you, but I love to fill my library holds list with books and movies that will creep me out throughout the month of October.  

My favorite thing to read, scary or not, is short stories. They are fully realized worlds that you can enjoy in a sitting or two. When the stories are scary, you can imagine you are sitting around a fire trying to spook your friends. And all you need to access these stories is a library card! 

Spooky Short Story Collections


Her Body and Other Parties

Pretty Monsters

I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream

Growing Things and Other Stories

Maybe you prefer to watch scary stories instead of reading? Allow me to recommend my favorite horror anthology, the TV series Channel Zero. Each season of Channel Zero tells a different story. They are all based on Creepypastas, opens a new window, a word used to mean scary stories shared on the internet. Like urban legends, these stories are shared as though they are real and happened to the storyteller. And who knows? Maybe they did! You can check out each season of Channel Zero from the library. Click on the link above each season of Channel Zero to read the Creepypasta that inspired that season.

Candle Cove Creepypasta, opens a new window

Channel Zero

NoEnd House Creepypasta, opens a new window

Channel Zero

Stairs in the Woods
Creepypasta, opens a new window

Channel Zero

I Found a Hidden Door
in My Cellar Creepypasta
, opens a new window

Channel Zero

Alright, so you’re not willing to watch a whole season of TV? You're a tough customer, but I think I've got you covered! Check out these spooky anthology movies and TV shows with standalone episodes. 

Spooky Movie & TV Anthologies


Trick 'r Treat


Cat's Eye

This blog was written by Sarah G. and first appeared October 2021.