Ready2Reign: Astros Reads for Another World Series Run

What's the new motto for the 'Stros after winning the World Series in 2022? Ready2Reign. And I mean, with 4 Pennants and 2 World Series titles in 6 years, how else can you describe the Astros' dominance? The AL Pennant goes through Houston, baby! So while we gear up for a new season, enjoy some of the awesome Astros items we have in our system. Let's play ball!

Hurricane Season

Houston’s first World Series win came in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. To the casual observer, the Astros’ rise to a premier team in MLB might have seemed sudden. In truth, it was the result of years of work. Holley details everything from the data driven methodology, the 100+ loss seasons leading up to better years, to the prospects who blossomed and the players who thrived. And of course, what it meant to be a team playing for a city still reeling from a natural disaster. 2017 was one heck of a season. You should read about it.

World Series Champions 2017 Houston Astros

2023 is shaping up to be yet another promising season for the Astros. Verlander may have left, but our pitching crew is still amazing. All those guys who pitched a combined no-hitter in the World Series? We still have them. Altuve, Bregman, and Brantley are also still in the mix, as well as newer names like Jeremy Peña. But no one could blame you for wanting to look back at 2017, the year we won the World Series for the first time. This DVD set features every inning played in the 7 game series, which is admittedly a rather long watch. If you want something a bit more streamlined, there’s also the 2017 World Series Champions: Houston Astros documentary which clocks in at 1 hour, 30 minutes. Either one is a great time.

The 2022 World Series

Game 6. The Astros had never won a Game 6 in the World Series, not even in 2017. I am proud to say, that I confidently stated the Astros would win in 6, but I won't blame anyone for being worried. Who can forget the sting of losing to the Atlanta Braves, in our own stadium, in Game 6? But 2023 was different. We had so many great pitchers, some of them didn't even start in the World Series! It was truly an embarrassment of riches. And if you too would like to relive the vicious beauty of elite pitching, as well as all the other great stuff the Astros did—who can forget Air Yordan's 3 run homerun—make sure to check out this film as well.  

Houston to Cooperstown

Before the Astros permanently moved into the MLB spotlight, there were, well, a few 100+ loss seasons, but also some shining moments. And none of the players shone quite as bright as Craig Biggio and Jeff Bagwell. The “Killer Bs” brought the Astros as close as they had ever come to a World Series title, pre-2017. They were a joy to watch, and their legacy remains an important part of Astros history. If you love the current ‘Stros, check out their roots—they're pretty strong ones.

Whether you're watching in Minute Maid, or at home, root for the home team!