5 Mer-mazing Reads

This time of year it is easy to feel like the summer is a million years away, but spring is coming, and soon enough it will be warm enough for a weekend beach trip.   Perfect mermaid weather.   Here are five books - three picture books and two graphic novels - that are perfect for imagining…
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5 Favorite Dog Picture Books

I love books about dogs.  There’s a lot to choose from: sweet books about dogs, funny books about dogs, cute books about dogs, dog books that make me cry because the dog finds a forever home where they are loved by some adorable child.   Here are five of my favorite dog picture books: 5. Bark…
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Bodies in the Library

Sometimes, when I am on vacation, I wonder if the idyllic small town we are passing through needs a full time librarian. Sadly, I know that any such jobs are probably already occupied - by the main character in a cozy mystery series. These hard working women serve the public in historic lighthouses and Victorian…
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