5 Favorite Dog Picture Books

I love books about dogs.  There’s a lot to choose from: sweet books about dogs, funny books about dogs, cute books about dogs, dog books that make me cry because the dog finds a forever home where they are loved by some adorable child.  

Here are five of my favorite dog picture books:

5. Bark, George

By Jules Feiffer

George can’t seem to bark.  He meows, he quacks, he oinks, but to his mother’s consternation he can’t seem to bark.  When she takes him for the vet, she is in for a surprise.  

The repetition and animal sounds make this a great book to share with young listeners.  

4. Will You Help Doug Find His Dog?

Written by Jane Caston

Illustrated by Carmen Saldaña

Doug can’t find his dog. The reader is his only hope. Through actions like calling and patting the dogs, the reader helps narrow down a wide field of dogs, bringing about a happy reunion between Doug and Dog. 

This interactive picture book should be a hit with fans of the Pigeon books by Mo Willems. 

3.Can I Be your Dog?

By Troy Cummings 

Through a series of letters, Scruffy asks all of the residents of the street if he can be their dog, only to get a letter back refusing him each time. Just when Scruffy thinks there is no one left, he finds the forever home he’s been looking for.  

This book has a lot going for it beyond being funny, cute and heartwarming. On rereads I notice new things about the illustrations and the letters in this book, giving it some appeal to a slightly older crowd. It’s also a good teaching tool for anyone working on letter writing or persuasive writing.    

2.Oh No, George!

By Chris Haughton 

George is a dog who wants to be good.  He tries to be good.  But then he sees a cake, and George LOVES cake.  What will George do? 

I questioned putting two books about dogs named George on my list, but this book is a treasure for those of us who sometimes fall short of our own expectations, and for those who love us. It’s also a treat to read aloud, particularly the exaggerated “Oh No, George!” bits.  Great for parents and kids alike.   

1.I Am A Wolf

By Kelly Miller

The main character in this picture book thinks she doesn’t need anyone and she is better off on her own.  She scares away potential adoptive families with her fearsome (well, she thinks it’s fearsome) bark. Then she meets the right little girl and her parents. 

The adorable pictures and the happy ending make this my favorite dog picture book.  The simple sentence structure makes it appropriate for young readers, but the humor in the illustrations can delight people of all ages. 

If five isn’t enough, check out these other great picture books about dogs: 


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